Basic curly rules

1. Try to avoid hair products containing sulfates, silicones and drying alcohols!
2. Regular deep conditioning is absolutely necessary to keep your curls healthy.

Keep it on for at least 15-20 minutes to let it penetrate in to the hairshafts. Use heat if you have low porosity hair.

3. Drying  your hair:

– Regular towels are too rough, so try using a microfiber towel instead, or a regular old cotton T-shirt.

– Airdry your hair or use your hairdryer with diffuser on a low heat setting.

4. Try to avoid using heat as much as possible!
5. Keep your hands away from your hair, especially when your curls are still damp. If you bother them too much, you’ll mess up the curl clumps.
6. Maintain your tresses while sleeping: 
  • Switch your cotton pillowcases to satin or silk ones! Cotton pulls moisture out of your curls and smashes them.
  • Turn into a pineapple for the night! Put your hair up in a really high ponytail or bun. This works well even if you are a restless sleeper.
7. If  you keep following these rules, your hair will gradually get better and better 🙂

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